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A selection of our favorite love stories, the result of a wonderful quality suppliers work captured by talented and trusted photographers and video makers, always inspired by our lovers…
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N and O dreamed of getting married in Provence, surrounded by centuries-old stones, lulled by the song of birds and the sunlight … Between delicacy, simplicity, refinement and emotions, they said yes and have promised to love each other forever.

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Lovers who ran away among poppies, during the golden hour when the sun is getting low and the sky wears flamboyant colors… Full with passion, with their blossomed hearts, L and C immortalized this suspend moment which belonged to them in a Provence poppies field, on a June evening…

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With the song of the waves as only music, they promised again to love each other till the end of time… G and E choose to plan a wedding vows renewal on the beach with their closest relatives for their wooden 5th year wedding anniversary theme.

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Modern, trendy and fashionable, N and C wanted a wedding atmosphere that would be as unique as them. Black, white and yellow, they broke the traditional wedding rules to make an impact on their guests.

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In the heart of winter, M and O found love. Away from the prying eyes, in the middle of the sleeping garden, they said “I do” with their cold hands and their pinky cheeks. Between English garden style and Italian baroque style, our young lovers dreamed about a moody and winter wedding, where different shades of purple would fit together. Finesse, poetry and refinement for this winter garden wedding.

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Walking hand by hand among lavender fields and exchanging their wedding vows when the sun comes down, with the song of cicadas as only music… As true Provence lovers, they realized their dream of running away in Provence to elope among lavender fields, for an intimate and poetic moment which only belongs to them.

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